Evergreen International Supertanker

evergreen supertanker

The Evergreen Supertanker has completed its certification and is now available for service and ready to assist agencies with fires during the remainder of the 2008 fire season.

Evergreen has invested over $50M and 20,000 engineering hours to introduce and deploy this exciting technology during this fire season, with a strong focus on effectiveness, safety, and operational efficiency.

A development effort from the family of Evergreen Companies, the Supertanker brings a massive payload of over 20,000 gallons of fire fighting agent (about 7 times the volume of the federal government’s largest air tanker), and a revolutionary pressurized system that allows fires to be fought from higher, safer altitudes. The Supertanker also brings an innovative capability – the ability to fight fires at night – while they are “dormant” and most vulnerable.